Door Buddy Adjustable Door Latch (Grey 2 Pack + 2 Bonus Adhesives). Simpler Way to Dog Proof Litter Box. No more Pet Cates or Cat Doors. Convenient Cat & Adult Entry. Stop Dog Eating Cat Poop Today!

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Are you tired of catching your dog nose deep in the litter box snacking on kitty poop? Fed-up with your dog gobbling up all the bowl of cat food or harassing the cat all day long?

Make life easier with Door Buddy®! The innovative adjustable door strap that holds your door in a rather open position allowing cats to easily enter and exit the room as they want at the same time as dogs (if rather larger than cat) cannot fit through and are therefore kept out!

Don’t buy a complicated pet gate, cut a hole in your door, or spend your entire paycheck on some special end table with a built in hidden litter box that you know your cat is not going to use!

We invented Door Buddy® to give pet owners a simple, affordable, and effective way to keep their dog out and let their cat in!

Perfect for the laundry room, bathroom, closet, cat’s favorite hangout room or any room in the house that has a door!

Compatible with all types of doors from bi-fold doors to pocket doors and even double doors!

Top Product Features:

Installs in seconds with no tools needed.

Adjustable strap allows you to set the perfect width of the door opening for the size of your pets.

Locking latch provides adults with easy and convenient access to the room from either side of the door.

3M Tape bonds securely to your door and door frame no matter what type of door or door handle.

Made in the USA.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the easier way to give your cats a new secure space to eat, use the litter box, or just a place where your dog can’t chase or bug them!

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***See Special Offers Section for Black Friday – Cyber Monday Discount *** DOOR BUDDY® —> This simple Door Latch that will keep your dog (if rather larger than cat) out of the room with the cat food and litter box at the same time as still allowing your cat to have easy access.
SIMPLER ALTERNATIVE —> Door Buddy may be simple, but it works! Why struggle with pet gates that are bulky and cumbersome to use? Why cut a permanent hole in your door to install an interior cat door? Why force your cat to jump into and use a top entry litter box that may make her feel trapped? Try Door Buddy first and see for yourself why our customers LOVE it so much!
INSTALLS IN SECONDS AND IS EASY TO USE —> Just peel and stick to the door and door frame the use of the strong 3M adhesive. The simple lock and unlock latch lets you use it from either side of the door giving you quick and convenient access to the room.
ADJUSTABLE AND CUSTOMIZABLE —> Use the adjuster on the strap to make the width of the door opening wider or narrower to work with the exact sizes of your cat and dog. You’ll even alter the position where you stick the plastic pieces to make it further customizable. Or, install on the back of the door to make it stronger, especially for larger and more persistent dogs. Compatible with all types of doors from bi-fold doors to pocket doors and even double doors!
HOW DOES IT WORK —> Door Buddy allows the door to any interior room to open just wide enough so cats can easily enter or exit, but at the same time keep it narrow enough so dogs (if rather larger than cat) cannot get in. From time to time keeping the peace in a household with both cats and dogs can be frustrating and a challenge. Door Buddy provides an easier and less cumbersome way to give cats a space of their own.

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